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Hoist your sails online. And learn to sail with SailClass

Learn your ways between the sails and share your knowledge with like-minded people by joining our crew. So, board our ship and learn to sail online with SailClass.

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SailClass, why knot?

Everybody knows there is no activity more hands-on than sailing. But there is a lot of brainwork involved in it, too and everything you can learn on dry land, you can learn online as well. And SailClass is the best place to do that.

Access from stern to bow

Tying knots, jibing against the wind or getting your national sailing license - SailClass has it all. The app is designed by sailors for sailors or those on the way to become one. No matter if you are an aspiring sailor or an old sea bear. SailClass makes you sail smoother. All in one app.

A pocket-sized sailing teacher

SailClass is an easy to use app custom-tailored for mobile use. It uses a straight-forward interface that will effortlessly drive your learning progress towards the horizon. Sailing might be complicated sometimes. SailClass is not.

A free guide to freedom

No need to grab your wallet - use your hands to practise knots and hoisting. Because SailClass is free. Subscribe and get free access to a deck full of basic features. And for only a small subscription fee you get access to specialty-areas to refine your skills!

Real people who learned real skills!

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Ready to board ship?

Get to know SailClass and enjoy the journey!



Here’s some sailor’s yarn that might be interesting to you:

Learning to sail online is easy as pie. Just open a free account on and start your sailing adventure.