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We are Sailors. Just like you.

So, if our story triggers your passion for wind and water, too, join our crew!

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How it all began…

Great ideas sometimes come from unlikely places. At least, that’s what happened in this story. The Idea for an online sailing app was born in 2018, in the middle of landlocked Switzerland. With everything being smaller in the tiny mountain republic, there is no sea, but tons of small lakes.

These lakes were where we learned to love sailing.

On first glance, us coming from the digital industry, also seems as far from sailing as it gets. But on a closer look, it becomes apparent that the digitized workspace can give you the flexibility and spontaneity needed to become a passionate sailor.

And that’s how SailClass was born. Our passion for sailing combined with the digital side of things - an online sailing app, designed for sailors and aspirants by sailors.

Our mission…

…is to bring everyone closer to the dream of sailing. By designing an easy-to-use app that combines modern technology with old seafaring knowledge we are making sailing accessible for everybody. We were able to create a hands-on solution that makes learning to sail more adapted to modern life. On top of that, we built a tool that accompanies sailors on their whole journey from aspiring sailor to seasoned skipper. With SailClass, you have a hand-sized sailing companion you can take with you - always and everywhere.

The waters are important to us, which is why we support:

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